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Your child’s baby teeth are very important, especially when it comes to growing into their permanent smile, which is why it is extremely important to prevent and fight baby bottle tooth decay.

Baby bottle tooth decay is an unfortunate condition that results from the constant consumption of sugar. The baby’s front teeth are often affected, but other teeth can become decayed as well. The most common cause of this condition is when your child’s bottle is constantly filled with juice. To help you prevent this condition and help your child have the best oral health possible, we strongly recommend doing the following things:

• Don’t send your child to bed with a bottle full of juice. It’s best to do so with water; that way your child’s smile won’t be exposed to sugar as they sleep.

• After each feeding or after your child drinks juice, clean their mouth with a damp washcloth. This will wipe away the sugars that promote bacteria growth and tooth decay.

• Give your child milk, water, and formula throughout the day instead of juice or sugary drinks. This will help your child’s smile grow without the harming effects of sugar. However, it is OK to give your child sugary drinks, but please do so in moderation.

• Once your child’s teeth grow in, properly brush their smile with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste.

• Don’t dip your child’s pacifier in sugar or honey.

• Encourage your child to drink from a cup as soon as possible. Children usually start using cups around their first birthday.

For more information, call our office today and schedule an appointment with our friendly dentist. We are more than happy to help you learn everything about baby bottle tooth decay prevention!