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The key to a great smile during your teen years is heavily influenced by the decisions you make in your personal life and your social life. Not only can you improve your oral health by not giving into the peer pressures of a teen life, but your overall health will benefit greatly as well.

Some of the dangers associated with peer pressure include smoking and chewing tobacco and using recreational drugs. Although these habits may seem cool in many social circles, there is nothing cool about putting your young smile at permanent risk, not to mention your life. Instead, try to find activities to do with friends that are fun and engaging without resorting to bad habits.

Another key risk for your teeth and gums comes in the form of mouth jewelry. Although mouth jewelry may be seen as an aesthetically pleasing accessory or a nonverbal statement about your style and feelings, it can wreck your mouth. Despite the constant risk of bleeding and potential chipping and cracking caused by hitting nearby teeth, there is also the added risk of infection. Infectious disease such as hepatitis and endocarditis can be caused from mouth jewelry.

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