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Sucking thumbs are an acceptable habit for children until the age of 4, then further steps need to be taken to prevent future dental and oral problems. Double Take Dental and his team want to assist you and your child in stopping this habit. Some tips include:

– Give your infant a pacifier; these tend to be easiest to take away and stop as a habit.

– Have your dentist at your next appointment explain ways thumb sucking can affect their teeth.

– Encourage them to stop and give praise if they don’t suck their thumb.

– Set a goal for them, using a chart, and reward them when they’ve achieved this goal.

– Cover their thumb or hand with a material or a prescribed bitter substance from your dentist.

– One of the last options you can use is a mouth appliance if this habit continues past the age of four years old.

These are ways to stop sucking their thumbs by the time they turn four years old if they haven’t done so naturally. It’s an acceptable, natural method used to sooth themselves and get them to sleep when they’re young. It’s when their permanent teeth start to arrive, it causes more serious issues related to the teeth, mouth, and sometimes jaw.

Call Double Take Dental at 801-225-1002 to get a consultation or schedule an appointment today. Dr. Andrew Atwood and his dental professionals can assist your child in stopping these habits as well as give them a regular checkup here in Orem, Utah.