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Dental cysts are more common and tend to be less serious than dental abscesses. They are often slow developing, many are benign, and often the result of some other oral trauma. A distressed or emergent tooth can often cause significant distress to the surrounding periodontal tissues, causing a small pocket of fluid tooth buildup.

In the case of a benign dental cyst, Dr. Andrew Atwood might be able to treat it with a course of prescription antibiotics or anti-inflammatory medication. This can allow your body to naturally absorb the cyst without need of invasive treatment.

A large dental cyst that causes pain or carries infection concerns might require oral surgery. Dr. Andrew Atwood can often do this in a single outpatient appointment. This might require you to be sedated. In a case like this you will need to arrange for a ride home while the sedative effect gradually dissipates.

Once the dental cyst has been excised, Dr. Andrew Atwood might provide you with a prescription for antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, or pain management medication. This will knock out any lingering infection and help you remain comfortable while your gums heal. If you live in Orem, Utah, and you are experiencing discomfort in your gums, or you have a distressed tooth, you should call 801-225-1002 to seek treatment at Double Take Dental.