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If you are someone who struggle with tooth loss, you may have noticed the gap in your smile creating further problems in your mouth. For example, a large and unfilled gap can cause the gums to become destabilized and leave the surrounding teeth free to drift out of their positions. Furthermore, the empty space becomes a safe haven for infection and disease. Our team can prevent the negative effects of tooth loss by placing a dental bridge that fills the empty space and restores stability to your mouth.

Dental bridges provide many benefits, one being that they support facial structure that tooth loss has weakened. It’s important to restore missing teeth so that the jaw will not begin to sag and create an aged appearance in the face. By placing a dental bridge, we can restore a youthful appearance that promotes health jaw and tooth structure.

Dental bridges are also very durable when treating tooth loss because they directly attach to the surrounding teeth on each side of the gap. They also offer a natural-looking restoration that looks and functions like the other teeth in your smile. Your dental bridge can last a lifetime with sufficient daily care.

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