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Have you recently had dentures made for your smile? You can now look forward to being able to eat and speak properly once again. You may have some questions, however, about how to care for your new dentures and keep them in great shape.

Dentures Care
One thing that you can do to care for your dentures is to come in regularly so that our dentists can examine their condition and fit. When needed, Drs. Atwood, Atwood and Black can have your dentures relined, remade or rebased. Be sure to come to our office if your dentures become broken, chipped, cracked or loose. Also, any time that you are handling your dentures, be sure to stand over a towel or a basin of water. This can help prevent breakage if the dentures are dropped. We also advise that you always soak your dentures (either in a denture-cleaning solution or cool water) at night. This can prevent them from drying out.

Cleaning Your Dentures
Your dentures should be cleaned daily. The first step in cleaning your dentures is to rinse them off in cool water. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles to remove food particles and plaque. Use a denture-cleaning solution, not hot water or toothpaste, to clean your denture overnight. Be very careful when cleaning your dentures, as they have attachments that could become damaged. We stress the importance of brushing your gums, your remaining teeth and your tongue.

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