Dr. Andy Atwood
Andrew Atwood, DDS
This is Dr. Andy Atwood the owner of our office.He graduated High school from Spanish Fork High. He graduated from University of Iowa with his DDS. He has 4 kids. He said that his biggest accomplishment was raising his 4 children who believe in treating people and our planet with love and respect. His greatest legacy is leaving his children to make this world a better place. He feels his most important contribution is to build a life where he can serve people and create beauty through music, community and commitment to a better world. On his free time he loves to listen to music, travel, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and creative writing.


Dr. Erickson
Louis Erickson, DDS
First of all, thank you for trusting your dental care to me. I will always try to merit such trust. How will I merit that trust? I will be outgoing and friendly as I want you to feel the same. Ask me any question(s) that you need to feel really knowledgeable and more comfortable towards me.

My philosophy regarding dentistry specifically.

I absolutely won’t diagnose any dentistry that I would not do on my mother, child, or myself. I don’t like dentists in my mouth any more than necessary. God gave you your teeth and they’re not for me to work on them. They are your teeth and it is your money. Therefore, with 35+ years of experience I will always do my best to educate you as to why any diagnosed procedure is necessary and “why now,” or maybe, “why later.” A basic truth that I have observed over the years and thus know by experience is that waiting for most dental procedures to cure themselves only increases the cost and discomfort.

Short Bio.

I am married to the former Laura Tuttle 50 years this year. We raised children on So. Palisade Dr. in Orem. They all attended and graduated from Orem High School. Laura and I returned from a senior mission to the 4 historic sites around Palmyra, New York, just recently. It was a wonderful experience. Laura loves long-arm quilting, traveling, side-by-side trips, and our 25 grandchildren. I love fishing, hunting, golfing, anything outdoors, and most of the grandchildren most of the time. I have always loved doing dentistry for people and had a private practice in Orem for 30+ years.


Meet the Team

At Double Take Dental, we are excited to meet all of your dental needs. Drs. Atwood, Atwood, and Black do everything they can to help you meet your goals, and we work hard to help them. Our dentists invite you to contact our office today if you would like to learn more about our quality dental care in Orem, Utah.

Jordan – Office Manager / Receptionist
This is Jordan our office manager/ receptionist. He was born March 6th in Payson, Utah. He graduated high school at Riverton High. He is currently going to BYU for business management. He has been married for 3 years with no kids but they are hoping to add to their family soon! He met his wife while boating on Utah Lake. He has 3 siblings and is the middle child. Some of his important accomplishments are going on a Mission to Sapporo, Japan. Marrying his wife and starting his job here at Double Take Dental. On his free time he likes to go wake boarding, spear fishing, sand railing, boating, camping, shooting, and hanging out with his family.

Lisa – Receptionist
Lisa is our receptionist! She was born November 18th in Payson, Utah. She graduated from Spanish Fork High School and attended BYU. She has been a fitness instructor and personal trainer since 1987. She got married in December of 1986. She has 4 kids and two grandkids with one on the way! During her free time, she likes to play piano, and do yard work, and home improvements. She also loves spending time with her family boating, and shooting. She tolerates camping, and sand railing trips just so she can spend time with them.


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