The Damage Bruxism Can Do to Your Smile

Do you know your teeth can get damaged while you sleep? Bruxism is a condition commonly referred to as teeth grinding that happens while you sleep. Many people say stress is the underlining cause. However, no matter the reason, bruxism can damage your teeth and oral health in many ways. The good news is our… Read more »

Dental Veneers Can Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth

Your clothing, hair and even your body language certainly play key roles in a person’s career and social life. Similarly, your teeth can also make an impression on others. If your teeth have significant dental stains, discolored tooth enamel, or other cosmetic defects, your self-confidence can suffer. If you are unhappy with the appearance of… Read more »

Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

Have you recently had dentures made for your smile? You can now look forward to being able to eat and speak properly once again. You may have some questions, however, about how to care for your new dentures and keep them in great shape. Dentures Care One thing that you can do to care for… Read more »

Is a Chipped Tooth Causing You Discomfort?

If you often find yourself chewing on your fingernails or on hard objects, or you prefer to use your teeth to tear open packages, then you are placing your smile at a high risk of developing a chip or dental fracture in a tooth. Even if the chip in a tooth is restricted only to… Read more »

How Can a Dental Bridge Influence Your Smile?

If you are someone who struggle with tooth loss, you may have noticed the gap in your smile creating further problems in your mouth. For example, a large and unfilled gap can cause the gums to become destabilized and leave the surrounding teeth free to drift out of their positions. Furthermore, the empty space becomes… Read more »

What to Do About Bad Breath

Halitosis (aka Bad Breath) is a result of possibly several culprits the most probable of which is simple poor oral hygiene. Other candidates might be dry mouth, infections inside the mouth or respiratory system, digestive and gastrointestinal issues, systemic diseases like diabetes, and detrimental health habits such as smoking. Smells from bad breath are dissimilar,… Read more »

Increase Your Dental Knowledge on Aging and Dental Health

Even though the last of your adult teeth grow in during your teen years, your teeth can efficiently serve for many decades if you take care of them correctly. In fact, it is possible that your teeth can last as long as you do if you take the necessary steps to live a healthy life,… Read more »

Important Questions About Cavities

Cavities are extremely common, but their cause and nature remains a mystery for many patients. If you are wondering about how you can protect your smile, we are here to offer answers to important questions about cavities. Why and how do cavities form? Cavities, which are small holes in the teeth caused by tooth decay,… Read more »

End of the Year Discussions about Mouthwash

Were you aware of the multiple different types of mouthwash available in modern dentistry? Did you know that some mouthwash products are capable of improving your smile by keeping your tooth enamel safe, whereas others are simply designed to freshen your breath? Don’t be duped by a faulty mouthwash product. Always speak with your dentist… Read more »

Dental Fractures Can Sometimes Affect a Porcelain Dental Crown

Porcelain dental crowns are sometimes used to restore a compromised tooth that also appears in your smile. They are made from a special dental grade porcelain-ceramic material that is intended to look and behave just like natural tooth enamel. Unfortunately, there are still instances where something can happen to chip or fracture a dental crown…. Read more »